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The DSC transfer hoist incorporates centrifuge basket spinning and tilting capabilities. Actions that can be controlled are the tilting and rotation of the centrifuge basket to reorient parts and the spin speed of the centrifuge basket can be positioned over the solution tank, tilted and rotatd to reorient parts that tend to hold​ solution and then spun at a high speed again.

By spinning the centrifuge basket and reorientating parts, drag out of solution can be reduced by up to 95% when compared to highly efficient plating barrels.

In addition to these benefits, parts can have the topcoat applied to them and dried in the same centrifuge basket that the parts were passivated in.

After drying, the parts can be automatically emptied from the centrifuge basket and gently loaded into bins using special equipment.

It is possible to integratethe DSC transfer hoist and BS2002 system into an exising plating line or planning it as part of  a new line.

The TULZ coating system is already accepted and in use by leaders in the coating and metal finishing industry throughout Europe and North America.  The TULZ coating module has been sold over 150 times within the last 10 years worldwide.

The TULZ coating system is used for Zinc-Flake Coating as well as for Top Coats and waxes in the electroplating business​.

The exchangeable paint tank which is equipped with quick change connectors makes it possible  to change from one paint tank to another in seconds without reducing the performance of the system.

Another advantage is the capability to tilt the centrifuge basket up to 90 degrees to reorientate the parts. Inside the machine the centrifuge basket is completely closed, so there will be no reduction of available volume while tilting at extreme angles.

The complete unit is encapsulated, the drive motor is outside the machine and all sensors and contactors inside the unit are explosion proof.

Another unique feature is the "loose" basket which makes it very easy to exchange the coating baskets for cleaning or for a paint change.

The TULZ unit is available in different sizes, e.g. with the TULZ900 (basket diameter 900mm) it is possible to run up to 250kg of parts per basket. Cycle time below 2 minutes can be realized.  For lab applications and coating samples the TULZ300/500, is an attractive and cost effective solution.

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